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    Posted on 10th June 2011 by Andy.

    Whenever music or a movie is playing at a volume you enjoy and you need to hit the pause button, does the sound stop instantly? If it does not, your home cinema room most likely has bad acoustics and so has unwanted sounds bouncing around, which then have a negative effect on the reception of wanted sounds within that room. Room Acoustics is not something many people consider when buying a home or building a new property, but believe it or not, acoustics are actually incredibly interesting and important part of any home cinema. Room acoustics refers to the way sound behaves in an enclosed space. You can notice this simply by going into a large hall or theatre where the sound bounces around. These rooms are specially built for this purpose. Even your airing cupboard, where it is so small that the sound only bounces a short distance, can exemplify room acoustics . When I worked as a radio producer, our studios, like most, were especially designed to absorb sound. This is so that when your voice or any sound effects are recorded, they are clean and don’t bounce around the room, avoiding any reverberations. Many people transform one or more rooms in their home into home theatre rooms which exhibit good room acoustics. If you’re an avid music and video fan and want to create a great listening experience, your home should be primed for great acoustics to make the experience electrifying and real. A common misconception, however, is that adding more speakers to an enclosure will improve the quality of room acoustics. The materials in a room, that absorb or reflect sounds, have a greater effect on the acoustics. For instance, a bookcase filled with odd-sized books may act as an effective sound diffuser, replacing echo-like reflections without absorbing too much sound. Bad room acoustics can have a negative effect, making a room seem hollow and cold, but luckily there are specialist companies that can design a room to promote good acoustics. Respace Acoustic is a specialist acoustic company who can provide larger companies with acoustic solutions and help design a room to create a balance in acoustics with sound proofing and acoustic panels. Custom Audio Designs provide acoustic solutions for many different clients, from large blue chip companies to individuals, they have some really interesting projects and methods of creating great acoustics in the home. So if you find you home cinema has sound bouncing all over it like Westminster Abbey, and want to create a warm and inviting experience, consider it's acoustics.

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