Sunny Yellows in October

This entry was posted on 20th October 2010

Who says autumn is only for oranges and reds? Incorporate some yellow hues into your home and have a burst of sunshine even on the chilliest of autumn evenings. Colour psychologists say that the colour yellow can boost one's self-esteem and increase happiness. It's also reported that yellow can make your memory sharp and intensify your concentration, making it an ideal colour in office spaces and study rooms. According to Van Gogh, "yellow is capable of charming God" and made use of this strong and vibrant colour in his paintings. Yellow produces endearing warmth when added into home decor from the daintiest shade of butter to the more vivid citrus. Infuse your home with yellow’s energetic vibe with Controliss electric blinds. When you're deciding on which shade of yellow you'd like to include in your home, think about how your interior lighting will affect the colour. Daylight rarely affects yellow, but incandescent bulbs can intensify its shade. Always remember that yellow has warm and cool undertones, for example, warm yellows with red or orange undertones will go well in warm-toned rooms that have dark furnishings, such as our Venetian blinds in Satin Summer.  On the other hand, cool yellows with green or blue undertones look great in natural and neutral décor, such as our Vertical blinds in Daffodil or Buttercup. Soft yellows can look great in a country-style room, while a stronger yellow can transform any dark room into a cheery and modern place. Yellow can be a great asset especially in a black and white room. It neutralises the two contrasting shades and makes it less overwhelming overall. Yellow can be made crisper and more modern with white, producing a refreshingly simple atmosphere. Be careful in using too much yellow so introduce it sparingly such as just in your window decorations. Aside from neutral colours, yellow will look wonderful in orange and red hues to make a room warmer. Remember to vary the shades to give your room some depth. You can also use purple to add visual contrast to a room. If you’re using yellow in your bedroom, make it more relaxing and bring out the cooler tones by incorporating serene shades of lilac and blue. Pair an orange yellow with aubergine for a richer and more exotic colour combination. Bring some yellow shades into your home in autumn and let this luminous colour brighten and warm your home.

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