Sun Seeker App - Where's The Sunshine Gone

This entry was posted on 25th May 2011

Despite being estimated at a distance of 149,597,900 km away from Earth, our nearest star, the Sun, has an undeniable effect on our everyday lives. For instance, it is the Sun's rays that we, here at Controliss blinds, are giving people control over with all of the electric window blinds we deliver. Throughout history, many civilizations have utilised the Sun's phenomenal power. From the ancient sun dials and water distillation methods, to modern day uses such as electricity generation and heat gain for buildings, or nearest star can certainly be considered one of our most important natural resources. Now there's a really cool way to predict to predict where that wonderful sunshine will be at the time of day that you need it – or the times when you do not need it. Thanks to Australian iPhone and iPad app development specialists, ozPDA, nature's ultimate multi-purpose tool can now be a little more predictable. They have developed Sun Seeker app that, combining the iPhone or iPad's 3GS, built-in GPS and camera, can show a 3D view of where the Sun will be at specific times of the day and even specific times of the year. This is displayed on the screen of the iPhone or iPad overlaid on top of the camera view. The Sun Seeker app may provide incredibly useful information for individuals in various professions, for example, landscaping. Better consideration could be given to help decide on the optimal position for buildings, plants etc to best utilise the effects of the Sun at certain times of the year. With other features at this app's disposal, including an overhead map view and a display of details such as sunset/sunrise times and elevation angles, the Sun Seeker app (available as a download for just £2.99 from the iTunes store) could prove to be much better value than similar apps; whether intended as a professional aid or just something to play around with. Of course, if excessive heat and glare from the Sun do become a problem, regardless, the team at Controliss blinds just might be able to recommend the ideal solution...

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