Something Old Something New The Rough Luxe Look

This entry was posted on 13th November 2010

One of the trendiest hotels in London, the Rough Luxe Hotel, has captured the imagination of many Londoners because of their unexpected combination of old and new. Distressed walls are combined with antique luxury items, giving a glorious combination of opulence and decay that has been embraced by the brave and the trendy. The rough luxe has been embraced by the anti-modernist because it shuns perfection, the uptightness of having everything clean and in place. The green movement, on the other hand, gives this design style its thumbs-up because the rough luxe look involves reusing any item or furniture that would otherwise look odd in a modernist home. To achieve the rough luxe look, here are a few guidelines. Take note, however, that this look is not for the wallflower or the homeowner who’s looking to sell their house in a few years rather if you plan to stay in your own home for a long time and adore surprising your house guests. The rough luxe look is characterized by distressed walls, but this doesn’t mean that you’ll let all your walls achieve a state of disrepair. One accent wall is enough, but make sure that you feature its dilapidated look. Then juxtapose this rough-hewn element with a luxury item, such as remote-controlled blinds installed in your windows.  This combination of high-tech blinds in luxurious fabrics such as our suede vertical blinds in decadent Beaujolais for instance with a bare plaster wall and an expensive painting will be such a paradox that you’ll be the talk of the town because of your coolness and good taste for many weeks. Aside from the walls, you can also leave your original flooring to its natural state and add lush carpets or elaborate rugs to maintain the look. You can also expose brickwork and mix it with chrome lighting and other fixtures. Just because your walls or floors look distressed doesn’t mean that you have to skimp on comfort. Add luxurious furniture such as a double bed coupled with a deep mattress or a cosy armchair where you can get lost in a book or your crafts. Choose antique furniture that looks like it has seen better days, but add a touch of luxury for it to go well with your interiors. For example, an antique sofa can be upholstered with a metallic fabric to combine the air of neglect and opulence of rough luxe. An elaborate mirror that is propped against a bare wall will have the same effect. If you’re not feeling brave enough to go all out with rough luxe and yet couldn’t resist its charming shabbiness, go for a large piece that looked like it has been loved until it was scruffy. You can distress your furniture by painting it then rubbing it with sandpaper when it’s dry. If you find this too strenuous, search garage sales in your neighbourhood for that one piece of rough luxe furniture. After the furniture comes the accessorising with generously framed paintings or photographs. The wall decor doesn’t have to be identical, but they should complement each other. Bring in tasselled cushions wrapped in velvet or silks. After these tips, you’ll have a home that is full of contradictions that you can relax in and boast about to your friends and family.

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