Smart Windows: The Windows of the Future

This entry was posted on 29th November 2010

Being in the window blinds business, we here at Controliss have always been fascinated with the latest innovations in window technology. On the horizon are windows that can be incorporated into air conditioning, heating, and energy systems within the home. What's keeping us excited are the smart window technology that we’re seeing more and more of, such as that of electrochromic glass technology. Although they're not yet commercialised, electrochromic glass technology can pave the way to smart windows. The theory is that a pane of glass will be able to change its opacity from transparent to translucent through a remote control. The translucent window will completely block out the sunlight whenever you prefer it. Electrochromic glass will change how it transmits light as a response to the voltage and electricity that will be applied to it. In this way, light and heat that passes through the glass will be controlled. This kind of technology will need all windows to be wired electrically so that windows can be opened and closed for security and ventilation purposes. When this kind of technology is mass-marketed, having windows control light and heat will be commonplace. Imagine the possibilities that this kind of technology can do to our society. At this very moment, solar powered windows are being developed to generate electricity although this electricity might only be used to power the windows itself. Although these developments in window technology very exciting, we know that these kind of smart windows sold to the general public are extremely expensive and out of reach for most people. The closest things to smart windows are smart window blinds, such as electric window blinds. Controliss electric blinds do not need any professional installation in order to work and are powered by standard  AA and AAA batteries that you can commonly find anywhere. Choose from our extensive range of wooden blinds, venetian blinds, vertical blinds, and roller blinds. We’re sure that we’ll have the perfect window blind to fit your personal preferences.

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