Small Kitchen Design Tips

This entry was posted on 1st February 2011

With some smart organisation a small kitchen space can be both workable and stylish at the same time; all you need to do is be astute with your lighting, storage and planning! De-clutter - Get rid of little-used appliances and useless gadgets that appear to be cluttering up your kitchen space. As well as this only keep as much crockery and glassware on show as you need clear up valuable worktop space. In a small space less really is more, the more clutter there is lying around; the smaller your room is going to look. Be realistic - If you have a small kitchen then be realistic, you are never going to comfortably fit a large kitchen table in now are you?  Instead maximise the space you have by being clever with furniture. Perhaps a kitchen side could double up as a breakfast bar, or perhaps only a small kitchen table will do the job. Again I will reiterate the fact that the more that is in a space; the smaller that space looks. Kitchen units - Stay away from busy kitchen units with large handles; in a small space you will be more likely to knock yourself on them. Kitchen units with subtle finger-pulls instead of handles are best in a small space as they are more seamless and streamline, making your kitchen space feel bigger. Also, units with a high gloss finish can be reflective and so make a space appear bigger than it actually is. Colour and light - A white or neutral scheme will make a space appear bigger, whereas a dark red or black space will make a room feel small and claustrophobic. To accompany your neutral scheme keep your lighting as natural as possible. Use light blinds which will still allow the sun to shine in through your windows. Why not go for our Viveza Pearl roller blinds or our stunning gloss white venetian blinds.

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