Sleeping Beauty

This entry was posted on 20th January 2011

Well you will be with these dreamy yet elegant ideas for turning your bedroom into a relaxing haven of bliss! And to set the scene - Imagine this; you’re tired after a long, hard day at work, you know your husband is working late at the office, so what do you do? What every woman longs to do when her man is out of the way; relax! After arriving home from work, you pour yourself a large glass of crisp white wine, run yourself a large, lush bath and begin the relaxation process. After you have prepped, primed, moisturised and conditioned, it is time for ultimate relaxation! Bed bliss - Having many textures and fabrics surrounding you in bed adds to the cosiness that you want to experience when you get into bed. Surround yourself with as many pillows and cushions as possible with a mix of fabrics such as silks and velvets, fabrics that are soft to the touch. A faux fur throw over the end of your bed will also ensure that your toes stay warm and cosy. Scented heaven - Go on, light a few scented candles and let yourself be taken aback by the fresh scents that come from them. The perfect lighting - Soft lighting is key to relaxation. Firstly, block out the outside streetlights with either our wood blinds, venetian blinds or blackout roller blinds, all of which will ensure you don’t see a peep of the outside world once you have closed them. Now for the lighting, soft lighting is best to set that relaxation mood so ensure that you have a bedside table lamp. All you need to finish off this haven of tranquility and relaxation is a good book, a hot cup of coco and a tired head. Good night, sleep tight, enjoy!

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