Seeing Red!

This entry was posted on 22nd December 2010

Now, red is a beautifully stunning colour that you've seen on many a pair of lips, many a party dress or tie, but do you ever really see it in a person’s home? The answer there would be rarely, you see the thing is, a lot of people are scared of using the colour red within their homes due to it appearing too brash and bright! Well don’t fear there are ways to encompass that wicked red into your home without feeling like you live in the devils boudoir! I personally love the colour red in a home, daring it is, but used with care and this dangerously wicked yet delightful colour can bring a spark of drama to any room. The first thing to note about red is that less is more. Encompass it into your home but don’t go overboard. Why not go for a brash red carpet in the centre of your sitting room, or a dark red blind in an otherwise plain bathroom? Or why not add some drama to your dining room with a devil red roller blind. Picture this; you have a neutral palette on your walls and floor, statement furniture and a centrepiece mirror, and then the red hits you from your blinds, classy yet subtle, job done! If you’re not keen on red being on your floor or windows, then why not add slight glimpses of red via your accessories. A red bin, toaster and matching kettle can add a modern twist to your kitchen. Or why not add a red throw and a few cushions on to your bed? The possibilities really are endless, so don’t hide behind demure colours, add a touch of drama to your home, I promise you, you won’t look back, red definitely is the new black!

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