Roll up, roll up

This entry was posted on 26th January 2011

The high street is jam-packed with colour, pattern, textures and funky accessories. I like to think that much of this is inspired by the most colourful show in the world; the circus. It’s full of energy, razzle-dazzle, colour and jazz, all of which can be incorporated into your home (without the clowns and that elephant of course). So roll up, roll up and I will explain how this fun, fresh and colourful inspiration can be incorporated into your home. Using lots of colours and patterns in a room can be daunting, however, with this trend; plenty of both are needed. So go on get brave and just go for it. The overall look needs to burst with energy and be electric. If you’re a bit weary of what you’re about to do then start by creating a mood board. Put together all possible choices on paper first in order to see how vibrant all of your chosen swatches are collectively. Look out for vibrant striking colour combinations, spots and stripes can also be effective here too. Whether you incorporate these patterns and colours onto your walls with bright wallpapers, onto your sofa’s with brightly coloured cushions or throws or onto your windows via funky textured and patterned roller blinds. Why not try our Rubor Candy or Fresco Spring roller blinds? However you choose to bring the circus to your home, the options really are endless. Alternatively, of you don’t want the circus theme to take over your room, then why not add touches of the circus with your accessories. A bright vase, colourful upholstery or structured vibrant furniture can work well here and really add a touch of fun to your living space. So go on, why not go all out and adopt the circus into your living space?

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