Robot Chores

This entry was posted on 19th May 2011

In the 1950s, anyone with an interest in the developing computer world was eagerly anticipating the arrival of a motorised manservant, to do away with the menial tasks that take up so much of their leisure time. However, technological advances haven't fitted the bill entirely. We still do not have an all-in-one, human-like 'Robot'.

Obviously, the predictions were not wholly inaccurate. Robotic technology has overhauled industrial manufacturing, where the capabilities of production are now simply incredible. Not only that, the capabilities are wide spread. Cutting, welding, spray painting, palletising and handling are but a few of the tasks that can all be performed with high speed and accuracy, thanks to this form of technology.

Nevertheless, advances have not come an abrupt halt, far from it in fact. Robots have very much gone beyond industrial use and become domesticated. There are a wide range of advanced devices available to every household. These can fall into one of two categories: robots that perform necessary tasks and robots that serve a more leisurely purpose.

From websites such as, you will find robots from various manufacturers such as iRobot. These manufacturers currently have machines for sale that will automatically clean and vacuum your floors and carpets. Although not in a human imitating shape or size, these cleaning robots can perform an effective job, with the added convenience of being able to navigate around and under tables, chairs and most other household furniture. Still, upon seeing these cleaners, the noticeable inconvenience is their proficiency when faced with stairs. They are capable of detecting stairs, to avoid falling down them, but they unable to ascend and descend the stairs and so owners with such an obstruction will need to choose between dirty looking stairs or a bit of manual labour that they had previously made an investment to evade. Other items available to alleviate your housework are LawnBott's robotic electric lawn mowers, which speak for themselves when it comes to their purpose.

Other robots do show potential to fulfil the previously mentioned 1950s predictions. The only drawback being that they are not so much produced for servitude as for entertainment and leisure. Introducing the interactive robot toy, which has appeared in various forms and is where you are more likely to find your more human-like robot, for example; Robosapien, the interactive humanoid robot that attracted a lot of interest upon it's release. Another popular development in this category is Cyberstein's Titan, the entertainment robot capable of much human imitation and so has been given many public appearances at places ranging from holiday resorts to being on stage with the boy band JLS on their recent tour.

Now, the common definition of a robot is: 'A machine capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically, and so on this basis you could classify a Controliss blind as a form of robot. Any of the 240V mains powered Controliss electric blinds, when programmed using the Air30GMT timer controller, is capable of carrying out a series of actions automatically at any desired time of the day, every day of the week. Is this not the ultimate robot for automating the window blinds in your home?

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