Remote-Controlled Window Blinds for the Future Home Media Centres

This entry was posted on 10th September 2010

Blackout Roller Blinds

Just recently, Plex, an open platform that revolutionises how users manage and consume media, has teamed up with LG, integrating the Plex platform into the latest generation of HDTVs and Blu-ray devices. This platform allows people to synchronise their personal and online media content across different media, such as the computer, television, and mobile phones. As new technologies are being introduced, Controliss is amazed at how our quality of life has improved. Imagine the possibilities of a seamless viewing experience. You wake up in your bedroom and open the TV for your daily dose of morning news. Then, as you lazily go to your kitchen for a cup of coffee, you open your kitchen TV and the TV will know what you’ve been watching in your bedroom TV. As you put on your suit, you’re still watching the same channel. Then, you're off to your daily commute and you're still watching the same channel. How cool is that? Now that we’re celebrating the possibilities of a seamless viewing experience, why don’t you match this revolutionary technology with equally innovative remote-controlled blackout roller blinds? Our premium remote-controlled black-out roller blinds are the height of luxury. With a single touch of a button, you can block the sun out and enjoy the experience of a theatre-like feel in your very own home.

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