Refresh Your Space with the Colour Green

This entry was posted on 10th November 2010

Green is one of the most pleasing colours to the human eye. That's because it it occupies the most space in the visible spectrum that humans can differentiate from. Because of this, you have more shades of green that you can experiment with if you want to bathe your home in this soothing hue. Green brings about the refreshing atmosphere of the outdoors, such as the invigorating energy emanating from the trees in a forest or a hilly terrain that's covered with a blanket of newly grown grass. Folklore and religion associates this colour with symbols of an unending life or of hope and renewal. When you look at the historical background of how green was used in interiors, you will see that every period has their own special favourite shade of green. Georgian estates favour dark olive greens in their ancestral homes as well as hunting lodges. For the Regency era, a soothing shade of sage was the rave. Forest green dominated Victorian houses while the beginning of the 20th century was characterised with paler shades of green. The 1930's loved mint while the 1950's steered towards lime. When you look back during the last few years, you will see that the Regency's sage grey-greens had made a comeback. In addition, most people love the duck egg blue-green combination. Today, our greens are more crisp and bright to go well with the turquoise blues that dominates 2010. The best thing about green is that it balances out different colours. Like blue, it is a shade that is easy to live with. If green is what you want, think about the atmosphere you want to create as different shades of greens evoke different emotions. For a warmer mood, stick to green that has a yellow undertone. Green that has blue undertones is more soothing. Clean and dirty shades work well when it comes to green, just as long as you have the same undertone. If you’d like to have some advice on what kind of green electric blinds you’d like for your home, Controliss suggests you decide whether to stick with yellow or blue undertones. If you have chosen yellow undertones of green, then our Vertical blinds in Pesto or Lemon Grass will look great in your room. If you want more texture in your vertical blinds, try our Textures Vertical Blinds in City Lime. A zesty green roller blind in a yellow undertone is Liso Zest. More yellow-undertoned shades are available for blackout roller blinds, such as Pesto or Oscuro Lime. A green venetian blind in Satin Garden will create a modern twist to your space. For green electric Vertical blinds with blue undertones, we recommend vertical blinds in delicate shades, such as Spring or Peridot. We also have Venetian Blinds in a soothing shade called Herbal Pine that puts a modern twist to this nostalgic Regency period shade of green. When you’re looking for colour combinations that will go well with green, remember that neutrals work great with fresh and crisp greens. Sapphire blue and purple are magnificent with emerald green. Yellow, grey, or gold are lovely when paired with green while pink and green are a joyous combination especially when toned down with brown. However, if you want to give green a contemporary edge, pair it with navy blue. That’s why we bring you our electric roller blinds in an amazing striped pattern filled with strips of navy, green, orange, beige, and yellow called Fresco Spring. Green can be used in any part of the house, but care must be taken when you’re using this colour in the bathroom. It’s best to stick with a blue-green tone than a yellow-green one because blue-green tones are more flattering to the skin. Accessorise with vivid shades of green, such as in cushions or vases. You can also have some plants inside the house for a more organic shade of green. Whatever shade you’d like when it comes to green, you’ll never go wrong with the colour that denotes life.

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