A Real Man's Bedroom: Daring, Yet Stylish

This entry was posted on 7th September 2010

Bedroom Wood Blinds

If you think dirt can make a man look masculine, you'll be surprised that this is absolutely untrue when it comes to decorating his place of comfort- the bedroom. Men can be still be in Vogue without losing their masculinity. And the catch? Nothing! Just plain and easy-to-follow steps in making a man's bedroom appealing. Forget about the usual bright-coloured and over-the-top wall paper designs, pillows, and bed linens. Throw away the idea of having an elaborate interior design and flamboyant fixtures. Instead, make way for bold and yet simple motif that will completely radiate manliness in every corner of the room.

Brave Hues

Let’s begin with colours and shades that create a mannish appeal. Always consider hues that are neutral and can bring in an ambience of vigour and authority. Consider painting your walls in a series of block shapes using a combination of black, grey, and white. Then be a little braver than that by adding shades of green, violet, and blue. Doing this will make for a powerful, yet attractive atmosphere. It is highly recommended that you combine only two colours, but you can add more as long as they still look confident and not soft. If a tanned skin looks manly, so is a room that has mocha and brown hues.


Similar to colours, wallpapers should be simple and yet prominent. Think of your wall designs as a companion that tells a lot about your own traits. For a less overpowering effect, cover just one wall with wallpaper. Some modern wallpaper are made of prints from old movies or football’s best moments. Make the designs the reflection of your personality.

Bed sheets and blankets

Spruce up your bed not with excessive pillows and multicoloured bed sheets or blankets. Choose plain white comforters, if you may. Another option is to have striped pillow cases or cushions. Make sure the stripes have dark shades. It’s a rule of thumb to match the hues of your walls with that of your bed. Always pick something from the colours of your wall and use it again for your bed sheets and blankets.

Carpet and Flooring

When it comes to your carpet and flooring, always choose the colours that bring out your adventurous streak in a modern style. It’s always safe to pick neutral colours and dark shades. Teak and walnut for your wood flooring create a “macho” effect. If you want to become more daring, put some animal prints on them.

Window Treatments

Keep window treatments as simple as possible. The Controliss wood blind collection has an assortment of wood blinds that will go well in masculine bedrooms.

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