Prepare Your Home for Autumn

This entry was posted on 16th September 2010

Autumn Wood

Autumn conjures up memories of the start of the school year, the ripening of blackberries and brambles and the turning of beech leaves. Just as the trees start to shed off their leaves in preparation for winter, we also start to make arrangements for cooler weather. We put on clothes that are warmer in texture and colour and women even change their makeup for autumn. So why don't you do the same thing to your home with the following autumn updating suggestions? - Paint a vertical wall with the warm and rich colours of autumn. - Add a rug made of sisal or wool to make your wooden or tiled floors less cold. Rug padding will create a luxurious feel even in the economical of rugs. - Update your window treatments by adding electronic window blinds to make your home more energy efficient. Our electronic window wood blinds can bring interesting wood textures on your windows for that autumn atmosphere. Our sheer vertical blinds will also adjust wonderfully to the change in light conditions of this season and draw in more illumination into your home. - Attach no-sew trims or fringes onto your window treatments for an effortless decorative solution to your windows. - Change your cotton pillowcases with needlepoint or tapestry pillow shams. - Put on new slipcovers on your sofa and chairs and keep a throw blanket within reach for those chillier afternoons. - Make over your lampshades and change them into white or cream, but keep a few lamps in patterned shades to bring in some interest into your lighting fixtures. - Bring flowers into your own home. If you find fresh-cut flowers too expensive, you can find faux flowers that will do just as nicely. - Keep your towels in three coordinating shades and display them prominently in your bathroom. - Ditch the white cotton sheets and place bed linens in autumn colours of gold, green, or taupe. Then, artfully toss a throw blanket for that extra warmth during colder nights. - Create an autumn centrepiece with apples, red or yellow leaves, fir cones, or conkers and conker shells. Place a few evergreen leaves for that touch of green and you’re set for this colourful season. Celebrate the change in seasons by trying out these autumn season home decorating suggestions. They can be inexpensive and you’ll appreciate the transition from summer to autumn more distinctly with these ideas.

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