Practical Guide to Choosing Your Window Treatments

This entry was posted on 29th July 2010

The choice of window treatments must not be left to chance. You must first consider your concerns not only about its appearance, but also its practicality. With this handy guide to choosing the perfect window treatments, you can never go wrong. Transform your room from a boring and lifeless place to one that exudes style and comfort with this guide to picking the best window treatment option for your windows: Consider your needs. You must first consider what your needs are in a particular room. Think about the amount of natural light you need while using the room. You must also think about the amount of privacy you’d like to have. Usually, rooms facing high-traffic areas or the ones located in the first floor require more privacy shields than second-floor rooms or the ones in the rear. You must also consider the direction where your window is facing for energy-efficient purposes. Rooms that face southward or westward need to block intense sunlight while windows with northern exposure need energy-efficient window treatments. Work with the window architecture. Some windows are designed to be the focal point in a room. These architectural delights should not have complicated window treatments, such as silk curtains, swags, and valances. Display the window’s beauty with understated window blinds such as venetian blinds or vertical blinds that will enhance, instead of overpower a beautiful window. In contrast, windows that are thin, squat, or lack window trims might need to be hidden with more fashionable blinds to hide their imperfections. Echo the room’s style. To create a unified look, you should not divert from a room’s style. Contemporary styles need clean lines. Damask curtains will only look out of place. In the same way, traditional rooms can sport the straight lines of wooden blinds if the lines are softened with fabric curtains. These considerations will lead you to what types of window treatments you pick. Play with colour, texture, and shapes and you’ll have a comfortable and beautiful room without going through decorating mistakes.

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