Perfecting Purple!

This entry was posted on 6th January 2011

Now, purple is a beautifully stunning yet subtly understated colour that really can add drama and class as well as depth and richness to your home decor. Take inspiration from plums, grapes, figs and damsons which all have colours of dusty depth and warmth that really can add something different to the palette of a room. Purple can also be used instead of black to add that edge to a room without making it appear too dark or drastic. You can use purple in a daring fashion, or equally in a demure and classic style. The choice is entirely yours! The key here is to use a similar palette of purple’s as to avoid clashes. In other words choose shades that have the same degree of grey (coolness) or pink (warmth) in them. To add warmth to your home why not go for a dark purple carpet in the centre of your sitting room. Alternatively to add coolness why not choose a light purple roller blind. Or why not add some drama to your dining room with a dark plumb vertical blinds. Picture this; you have a neutral palette on your walls and floor, statement furniture and a centerpiece mirror, and then the purple hits you from your blinds adding both depth and richness. If you’re not keen on purple being on your floor or windows, then why not add slight glimpses of purple via your accessories. Purple cushions and throws can add warmth to your living room or bedroom. Alternatively you could use purple accessories such as vases and picture frames, which will add subtle touches. The possibilities really are endless, so don’t hide behind demure colours, add a touch of warmth or coolness to your home. Whichever you chose, I promise you, you won’t look back!

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