One button to rule them all

This entry was posted on 26th October 2013


Having remote controlled blinds is a great way to shut out the hectic outside world just with the flip of a switch. But with so many electronic devices in our lives that offer so many distractions and interruptions it can be almost impossible to completely disconnect. Emails and phone calls can still intrude while you try and relax or need to focus on a particular job. It's this very modern problem that a new Kickstarter project from CanFocus is trying to address. The MyFocus button is simply a single button that puts all your electronic distractions on hold instantly. Buying you time to yourself or to finish that big project. So all your emails, phone calls, text messages and instant messages are put on hold, only to be released when you press the button again. As an added bonus the button switches from a placid green to an angry red colour so that your co-workers and friends know not to disturb you. Plus there's an app for iPhone and Android to go with it.

Although it's still in its prototype phase the people behind the project are optimistic that they'll be able to go into production soon. Head over to their Kickstarter page to find out more.

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