No Windows? No Problem!

This entry was posted on 6th September 2010

Venetian Blinds Satin Sunflash

A house without windows can make even large rooms claustrophobic. Windows that provide ugly views are equally depressing. What if your house is afflicted with this unfortunate characteristic? There's no need to worry. We've come up with several solutions, from the artistic to the downright quirky, to those who find themselves in this quandary.


Mirrors mounted on opposite walls will bounce light off the surface, creating a feeling of depth and adding more dimension to your room. Two wall framed mirrors can mimic windows when you join these two together at the sides. How about adding window hardware like curtain rods and window blinds on top of the mirrors? You can also add a fabric valance on top of this suits you. If you want to add more interest, look for mirrors that have interesting shapes, like hexagonal mirrors or rounded ones.


Adding a painting with a scenic view will effectively improve your blank wall. Choose paintings with natural views to create an illusion of a window with a good view. The best part about this is that you can change your views. With real windows, you are stuck with the same views everyday.

Metal Wall Hangings

Interesting metal wall hangings can add depth into whatever light you have in a room. A combination of metal and mirrors will work well and create interest than a boring wall. Look for sculptures made of metal or wall art made of mirrors and your guests will forget that you don’t have windows. These works of art may even break the ice as they are great conversation pieces.

Wall Murals

Wall murals can provide you and your guests something beautiful to look at. Murals can considerably improve your room’s appearance because it opens up the space. If you have an artistic hand, creating your own mural can help you inject more of your personality in a room and give you space to express yourself.

Faux Windows

Two Japanese engineers came up with the solution. They’ve hung window blinds on a blank wall and added an electroluminescent sheet underneath to give an illusion of a window underneath. You can then control the amount of light the same way that you would for traditional blinds. Isn’t that cool? Some people might still think this strategy is quite depressing. Although we’d think that venetian blinds in a cheery colour like Satin Sun Flash would do the trick.

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