Natural Versatility with Electric Wood Blinds

This entry was posted on 26th October 2010

As an interior decorating material, nothing can be as versatile as real wood and this is also true for electric wood blinds. Electric wood blinds can change from a sophisticated look to a down-to-earth look just by altering the wood stain, colour, and finish. Installing wood window coverings provides your home with a lovely natural texture that will last for years to come. Current interior decorating trends are more open to mixing and matching of wooden accessories, flooring, and furniture. You can match different wood tones in your room and you’ll have a room that is vibrant with life. If you're partial to darker stains of wood, you will love our Essentials Wooden Blinds in Tudor Beam or Sorcerer. We also have Basswood Wooden Blinds in Liquorice stained finish that offer you superior-grade wood that is hand-finished for extreme luxury. Another popular choice is our Designer Wooden Blinds in Blackwood that is professionally enhanced to reveal the beauty of its natural wood grain. These dark finishes will look dramatic especially if they are paired with oranges and other earthy colours and are suitable in formal bedrooms, the study, or office. While dark stains of wood may look authoritative and professional, lighter wood stains evoke a sense of space, serenity, and light. Electric wood blinds such as Fervent Pine, Stripped Oak, or the uniquely textured Milton designer wood blinds will be perfect for dining room or living room windows where you’d like as much air and light in as possible. You can then use paint colours for the walls and fabric that enhance the light wood grain of these electric blinds. A popular and modern choice for today’s designers is bamboo wood blinds. Bamboo is a durable wood that is fast-growing, making this wood an eco-friendly choice. Controliss bamboo wood blinds come in light colours, such as White or Natural or medium tones, such as Spiced. Bamboo wooden blinds with darker wood grains are also available. Check out our Bamboo wood blinds in Rich or Dark. For those who are in love with wood but prefer a more affordable option, we have the Eco-Impressions wood blinds which give you realistic wood effects in a fire-proof and moisture-resistant material, perfect for the kitchen or the bathroom. Try our Maple Eco-Impressions in a romantic-style kitchen or go for a beach-inspired bathroom with the lighter Alba colour. The wide selection of hand picked wood grains and textures available from Controliss lets you play with this flexible design material. These statement pieces bring the natural allure of wood into your home while providing you with the benefits of affordable remote control operation.

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