Make the Most of Natural Light with Sheer Vertical Blinds

This entry was posted on 24th August 2010

Sheer Vertical Blinds

For most of us, large airy windows are a must in a perfect home. After all, nothing is as relaxing as basking in morning sunlight while sipping your coffee and reading the newspaper. However, direct sunlight especially in the summer may not be as inviting as you would imagine. Direct sunlight can be harsh to the eyes and creates unwanted contrast in a room. Parts of the room that do not receive too much sunlight can appear darker, while bright spots can appear glaring and harsh. Another disadvantage of allowing direct sunlight into your home is the weathering of furnishings due to the UV rays.

Diffusing Natural Light

To help diffuse natural light, Controliss has included sheer vertical blinds. While white window blinds can do a good job at reflecting and redirecting sunlight, Controliss vertical blinds in Haze and Verso sheer fabrics can draw the light into the room while diffusing it. These sheer vertical blinds create a translucent voile effect that softens light entering the room. Because the harsh sunlight is evened out, the soft light transforms colour, making it warmer and creating a homely atmosphere.

UV Protection and Solar Heat Gain

A great bonus of using sheer vertical blinds is the UV protection it provides to your room and furnishings. Banish the worries of finding sunspots in your carpet or hardwood floors with our sheer blinds. Aside from letting in soft light, sheer blinds can also reduce the solar heat gain. Solar heat gain coefficient is a number from 0 to 1 which measures the percentage of solar energy that actually enters your home through the windows. A lower number is more ideal. Standard double-pane windows have a solar heat gain of 0.76. This means that 76% of solar energy comes into your home. Adding light-coloured window treatments, such as sheer blinds, can reduce the solar heat gain coefficient.

Sunlight in Winter

While it may be great to help diffuse sunlight during summer, winter time is a different experience altogether. Let the sunshine in to get the most of the free heat energy. Raise your blinds every time direct sunlight hits the window. This means that you should raise it in the mornings for windows facing east. Blinds in west windows should be raised in the afternoons while the blinds in south-facing windows can be left open most of the day. You can safely lift up your blinds without breaking a sweat using remote-controlled sheer roller blinds in Vero Ivory.

Controliss Sheer Vertical Blinds

Aside from the sheer roller blinds, Controliss sheer vertical blinds are also available in two kinds of fabrics, verso and haze. Verso fabric has a soft vertical weave that has a translucent design. Verso vertical blinds come in white and dairy. Haze vertical blinds are available in neutral shades of white, brulee, and sage.

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