Motorised Blinds

This entry was posted on 9th February 2011

motorised blindsWith Controliss progressive motorisation technology the evolution of motorised window blinds with discrete integrated motors provides an extensive number of options for consumers and specifiers looking to install electric blinds. Available in a comprehensive range of options from 6 Volt, low voltage AAA battery powered blinds to powerful 240V mains power, Controliss motorised blinds encompass effortless control with contemporary aesthetics. Battery Powered Motorised Blinds The elegant integration of the efficient Controliss battery powered window blind motors has moved the once extremely exclusive motorised blinds into the reach of everyone. The benefits of being able to install a battery powered remote control window blind with no disruption to interior decoration are huge and because no wiring is necessary, effortless DIY installation is virtually the same as a standard blind. There is no requirement for any specialist batteries and good quality branded standard alkaline AA or AAA 1.5V batteries will provide an average battery lifespan of around 12 months. The streamlined 6V, 9V or 12V internal motors require 4X 1.5V, 6X 1.5V or 8X 1.5V batteries depending on the type of blind and replacing the batteries is straightforward. 240V Mains Powered Motorised Blinds The Controliss Electric Air 240V Roller and Wood Venetian blind collections eliminate the need for batteries with the integration of powerful 240V 6Nm and 10Nm mains powered motors. When there is provision for a 240V electrical supply for example a near-by socket or a fused spur then mains powered blinds offer the ability to provide extremely large blinds to cover large window or door expanses. The extra power of a mains supply also offers increased functionality of motorised wood venetian blinds with complete raise/lower and tilt control. Integration of Controliss mains powered motorised blinds with building management systems or the increasingly popular home automation systems like control4 is also possible and help is on hand to discuss any specific queries you may have.