More Window Decorating Tips for Stunning Windows

This entry was posted on 14th August 2010

Satin Sun Flash Venetian Blinds

Window decorating does not have to be a nerve-wracking experience. You can have some fun decorating your windows and choosing window blinds. Try these excellent window decorating tips that interior designers swear by. Experiment with colour. Who says you need to stick to neutrals in selecting the colours for your window blinds? Try to mix colours in your window treatments and you'll immediately feel the energetic vibe that it exudes. You can choose hues at the opposite sides of the colour wheel. Why don’t you mix Controliss Satin Sun Flash Venetian Blinds with aubergine coloured walls? This will certainly give an upbeat atmosphere into your home. Add different textures to neutrals. If you prefer the subtle elegance of neutrals, bring it to life by combining different textures in your window treatments. Merge the opulent smoothness of silk panels in an earthy bronze with Brushed Mystique Venetian Blinds for the ultimate texture combination. Maximise corners. If you have corner windows with wall space in between, you can either use two blinds that complement each other or hide the corner with one blind going diagonally. Hiding the corner can make it appear as one seamless window. Design step-by-step. If you feel like you don’t have the budget for your dream windows, then don’t be discouraged. You can start with the basics first that will address your lighting control and privacy needs. Install your blinds and shades and make them the foundation for other window treatments. When you want to splurge, you can add silk panels or add architectural details such as cornices. You don’t need to feel intimidated with the task of decorating your window blinds. With Controliss easy-to-install motorised blinds, we’ve made sure that decorating your windows will be a breeze.

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