Make the Most of Limited Space

This entry was posted on 29th October 2010

Everyone dreams of having a home that has airy spaces and high ceilings. If the dimensions of your current abode doesn't quite live up to those standards in terms of space, do not despair. Here are a few ways for you to make the most of your space without having to move to a pricier house or getting a wallet-draining mortgage. Small spaces with large windows are a great way to open up your space. Large windows let in abundant light which makes a small space feel airy and light. Make use of vertical blinds in your windows, preferably in sheers such as our Vertical Blinds in Haze White or Verso Dairy. The light-inviting Vero fabrics are also available in the Controliss selection of Motorised Roller blinds. You can also paint your walls a light shade to reflect as much light as possible inside your space, giving an impression of spaciousness. If you'd like a touch of colour in a room, then introduce one rich colour in an accent wall and paint the other walls in a neutral shade. Before you buy any furniture, think carefully about your lifestyle and only limit your furniture to the essentials. After you have pinpointed your furniture needs, look for compact yet stylish designs for your furniture that you can fully use. For example, in your dining room, instead of looking for individual chairs you can probably use a bench that will seat more guests without taking up more space. Choose pieces that will do double-duty, such as a coffee table with extra storage underneath. Try to find a way to unify the upholstery with the wall colours so that visual flow is not interrupted. Aim to go for colours that will reflect more light with warmer shades. Speaking of light, avoid a single light source as this tends to draw the walls in making your space appear smaller. Instead, distribute light sources and place them near the walls to make the most of light reflections. Place mirrors in strategic places to give an illusion of more space. Decorating for a small space may require some creative planning, but with these few tips, you can be contented in your home without actually increasing the floor space.

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