Make a Splash with a Nautical Theme

This entry was posted on 24th November 2010

The ocean has always captured the hearts of interior designers, making nautical themes one of the most time-tested and enduring of interior decorating themes. Seafaring decor is inspirational because it may lend an air of nostalgia for the ocean during winter, filling your thoughts with the soothing sounds of the waves repeatedly beating the surf and other summer memories. During warmer months, your coastal chic interiors will be all the more pronounced, making more vivid memories to take with you on cold months and the cycle continues. To take yourself on a constant summer vacation, go for nautical themes of indigo blue, shades of navy and chalky whites. Controliss have a collection of motorised Vertical blinds in various shades of blue, such as the appropriately named Yacht Blue or City Gulf. These blue hues will go well with whites and khaki to create a beach feel in your interiors. Add a touch of red here and there to add interest and keep your space from becoming too dreary. Aside from the colours, mimic the waves by varying the heights of objects, bringing dynamic movement into the lines inside your space. You can also play with textures with furniture, such as an old sea chest or a mirror encased in a bamboo frame. Add a woven sea-grass accent chair for additional texture. Try mixing up finishes, such as matte walls and high gloss finishes. This will bring in unexpected sheen into the room and creating more depth. For more traditional rooms, you can downplay its elegance with more casual fabric, such as cotton or linen or even add a casual chandelier made from capiz accessories. Bring in shell collections or coral you have brought from your beach expeditions and display them on coffee tables for a maritime theme. Better yet, hot glue these shells into lamps for lighting that’s truly nautical. Cushions can also be encased with sea motifs, such as fishes or seashells. Whatever decorations you make, always be inspired with the vitality of the ocean. Let yourself take a vacation whenever you come home with the nautical theme.

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