Light bulb moments

This entry was posted on 1st June 2013


A watershed moment for any designer is when they look at an object, which is so familiar it barely registers as you go about your daily life, and begin to ask questions. Why is it the shape that it is? Could it be made more affordable/ durable/ eco-friendly/ comfortable/ interesting? It may be something that is so widely used that we all accept it is the way it is because that is its most optimal form. Take the humble electric light bulb for example, for decades, despite progress in manufacturing techniques and materials, it has maintained the same shape. When energy saving light bulbs were invented they changed the form but the simple practicality of needing to fit into existing sockets and lamps meant it had to be a certain size.

The Plumen light bulb is a prime example of a designer, in this case Samuel Wilkinson working with Hulger, looking at an object and asking ‘Why is it like that? Does it need to look like that and could it be made better?’ Their elegant solution is literally an energy efficient electric light bulb with a twist, so that it also looks like a piece of sculpture. They’re so dramatically different from any other light bulb they invite attention. You actually want these light bulbs on display. When deciding how to furnish your home, remember the Plumen bulbs. Look for something familiar or mundane and present it in a strikingly different way so that it becomes the focal point of the entire room.

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