Le Tour de France Interior Bliss

This entry was posted on 2nd July 2013

Now that the Sun has finally decided to show it’s face and the Tour de France is in full swing you may be tempted to dust off your old bike or get a brand spanking new one to get out and hit the road. If you live in a city, cycling is a quick and cheap way of getting around. It’s also a great way to exercise or unwind. But the biggest problem is where do you keep it when you’re not using it? When you’re out and about you need to find safe bike stands or cages, and lock up your bike with the biggest lock you can find. But when you get home, unless you have the luxury of a garage or a shed your only option may be to keep it in your apartment. The easiest option is to prop it up in the hallway, but then it is always there, lurking ready to topple on the unwary. Here are just a few ideas on how to store your bike:


Hang it out of the way One way is to find a closet or a corner of your house or flat that you don’t use much and store it vertically. There are a variety of simple bike hooks that will take the weight of most modern bikes, and can hold them in place just by the front wheel. US designers Byografia have even gone as far as creating the Bookbike, a hybrid bookcase and bike hanger to make full use of a space.

Put it on display The alternative route, particularly if you have a very nice looking bike, is to get creative and put your bike on display. There are a selection of bike stands that will keep your bike upright with little fuss and effectively make a sculpture out of your bike. London-based firm Cycloc has created a particularly good range of sturdy hangers that let you have you bike on display horizontally or vertically. Find out more: http://www.cycloc.com

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