Italian Quirk and Design

This entry was posted on 19th May 2011

Staying at a friend’s house over the weekend, I noticed they had a few pieces from Alessi, the contemporary Italian design company, which really caught my eye, mainly because of the colour and shapes and the amusement of me trying to work out what exactly they did. When you think of Italian design you might think of beautiful flowing lines, bright colours, luxury and of course passion and that is exactly what Alessi achieve with a post-modern eye.  Alessi have been creating designer kitchen utensils and other products since the 1980’s. Making something simple like a spoon, something of beauty and high end design.  If you had a keen eye for design you were probably the proud owner of the Whistling Bird Kettle or the Juicy Salif Orange Juicer on legs. These were and still are iconic pieces that everyone recognises.

Alessi started in the 1920's making eating and drinking utensils out of metal. More and more of the Alessi family joined as designers and architects joining the company to produce some of the most iconic pieces of design in history, which have now become collectors items. Today Alessi produce items for the kitchen, bar and café, electrical items and other quirky pieces.  Strange and beautiful and almost a toy like quality to play with, like this Bird Soy Sauce Bottle.

So I finally discovered what the pieces that my friend owned are, one was the Anna Cheese Grater, and then there is the Parrot Cork Screw which is brilliant and quite obvious what it does. And finally I find this…

It took me ages to work out exactly what it is, well it’s the Stefano Giovannoni designed Lilliput salt and pepper set! The little orange guys have magnetic feet and the salt or pepper comes out of their eyes! So random but so great. What I love about Alessi is that you can have just a few key pieces in the home, they are incredibly clever design and great talking points, because of their sleek design and bright colours.  Now I’ve worked out what these pieces did exactly I think I might invest in some Alessi bits, they’re a great gift for someone who appreciates quirky pieces and good design.

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