Introduce Some Vintage Sheek

This entry was posted on 8th January 2011

Has your home forever been screaming out for that vintage touch? But maybe you don’t quite know how to adopt the look? Well don’t fear, just simply take note of these little ideas that will be sure to add a touch of vintage to your home, without breaking the bank! Adding vintage touches doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to trawl pretty little boutiques and stores looking for the perfect accessories. No instead I would first advise you to look closer to home; after all vintage sheek is exactly that ‘vintage’. Why not take a sneaky rummage through your parent’s old treasures; you never know what you might find, a cool old print or a vintage tin cup that would look perfect holding your toothbrush. Or why not take inspiration from your own house and sand down and paint that old dusty mirror that has been in the garage for close to ten years! If you are lucky enough to be in possession of a large bedroom or bathroom then an ornate dressing table is the ultimate in traditional vintage chic. This doesn’t have to be expensive; however, you don’t have to order a nineteenth century dressing table. No instead why not seek out your nearest auction room or furniture flea market; there are definite bargains to be had in these places and you will be sure that the pieces will be vintage. If you already have the furniture, but what to add a vintage touch to your upholstery’s then fear not.  Vintage chick can be whatever you want it to be, however, when I personally think vintage I think of pastel colours. If this idea matches your palette then why not add that cottage vintage look to your home via our Liso Petal Bloom roller blinds , or alternatively our less girly textured woven roller fabric; Textura Myth. Both will create the perfect back drop for that vintage-esque home. Besides from window dressing why not add vintage touches via materials, textures, patterns and fabrics? The rose print has always been a vintage favourite as has lace and frills. The choices are endless, so why not add a touch of vintage to your home?

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