Interior Design for the Workplace

This entry was posted on 26th August 2010

Interior Design Workplace

UK workers spend longer hours on average than workers from other European countries. However, companies are still behind when it comes to considering interior design in the workplace. UK workers still work long hours in ill-designed workplaces and cramped offices that affect productivity. A tastefully-designed workplace will do wonders on worker productivity and boost their morale. The company's image can also rise if their work places have an inviting atmosphere. Better-designed workplaces may also attract higher quality employees. To get you started on workplace design, think about the following aspects of office interior design:

Workplace Layout

Rearrange the desks and chairs to give workers extra space. Think about the position of equipment and the flow of traffic in these places. Place office equipment near people where they are used most.


The colour of the workplace should be more vibrant to alter the mood of your workers. Think about adding a splash of colour instead of the usual boring beige walls. Also, the colour of the walls will determine the amount of light that is reflected or absorbed. White walls reflect light while dark walls only reflect a small percentage. Pale walls can reduce the amount of artificial light that is used, bringing electricity bills down and reducing eyestrain.


Work to simplify the lighting of the work area. Strip lights, desk lamps and light emanating from computer monitors will put unnecessary eyestrain to your workers. Find out how much natural lighting can enter the room and choose artificial lighting that complements natural light. Better yet, allow your workers some control on the amount of light that enters the room with Controliss remote-controlled window blinds. Investing in the interior design in the workplace is a good move for company managers and owners. Not only do beautiful interiors inspire creativity and trigger better mood, your employees will thank you for it and return it with higher productivity.

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