Innovative Window Blinds to Excite Your Imagination

This entry was posted on 14th October 2010

At the forefront of window blinds innovations, Controliss is always on the lookout for quirky trends in the window industry. Controliss makes luxurious remote-controlled window blinds affordable for everyone and we're proud to present to you some cutting edge industry concepts: The Discreet Window Blinds Designers Ishac Bertran and Giyem Boyacioglu are in the process of creating Discreet Window Blinds inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's movie called "Rear Window". These window blinds look at first glance like vertical blinds, but each column can be raised or lowered like typical horizontal blinds. With these blinds you can create a standard look blind or display your slats in a funky staggered format.  The ability to adjust the slats in this way gives you greater light control in your room.

Solar Powered Blinds We love energy-efficient design and of course solar-powered blinds are at the top of our list. Solar-powered blinds work like typical vertical blinds but have solar panels on the window side. During the day, you can keep the vertical blinds closed while the solar panels charge a power source. A great feature being that the louvres are fitted with LED lights that glow at night using the power captured from the solar panels during the day.

Air Conditioner Blinds Taking the solar-powered blinds even further, the air conditioner blinds function like ordinary blinds but with an air-conditioning unit built inside its mechanism. The rear side of the louvres is made up of solar panels that can power the AC unit connected to the window blinds. You can then block the sun and cool the air at the same time.

Speaker Blinds When space is an issue and you haven't got room for a home theatre with speakers, then the speaker blinds give you an excellent-looking solution. These entertainment speakers are made to look like typical electric blinds. The speaker louvres can be tilted and raised like any ordinary window blind.

These window blinds concepts are exciting if you're into the latest in home automation. Controliss electric blinds provide you with the luxury of light and privacy control at a single touch of a button. You don’t need professional installation for Controliss electric blinds because they are powered with batteries. Browse through our extensive collection through our website now.

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