If you think you know London, think again

This entry was posted on 9th June 2013


If you’re planning your holidays this summer and want a helpful guide with a difference chances are Herb Lester has just the thing. In an ever-expanding library of maps Herb takes a quirky look at some of the world’s biggest and best cities and renders them in a beautiful retro style.

Much of his work would look just as nice in a frame as it is useful in navigating destinations like Paris, Madrid, London and New York. Plus they promise to make you look at even the most familiar places in a different light with each map taking a different subject to focus on.

Writing Manhattan takes you on a tour of New York’s literary landmarks associated with certain authors or that actually appear in their books. The Look of London will guide you to some of the most influential fashion hotspots in the capital while At Your Service: London’s Specialist Suppliers may well prove invaluable in tracking down the unique and obscure for your wardrobe or home.

To find out more visit Herb’s shop at: http://www.herblester.com/

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