How to turn your coffee table into a tablet computer

This entry was posted on 7th October 2013

As a number of tech companies race to be the first to create technology that can turn any surface in your home into a touchscreen it looks like Ubi Interactive has got there first. Ubi’s system couldn’t be simpler as it uses Microsoft’s Kinect motion detection hardware, a projector and an app running on a Windows 8 computer. The system even calibrates itself. So, just by connecting equipment that can be found in most electronics stores and pointing it at a suitable surface you can have a multimedia touchscreen. Any wall or table in your home can quickly become a sophisticated computer that responds to the same gestures that you operate a tablet or a smart phone with, such as swiping or double-tapping. The app is available now in the US with prices starting at just $149 for a single 45-inch projection and going up to $1,499 for a 20-user 90-inch one. Find out more here:

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