How to Keep Your Blinds in Great Shape

This entry was posted on 2nd August 2010

Cleaning Blinds

Like any other home design additions, your electronic blinds need some regular TLC (tender loving care) to make it look like new. If you're one who tends to look once a month at your annoyingly dirty window blinds, there's still hope. Here are a few secrets to wipe away your problems on window blind maintenance. - Clean your blinds regularly with a feather duster or a soft clean cloth. - Use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to clean your window blinds. - Preserve the finish of your wooden blinds with anti-static furniture polish. - Do not dry clean or wash fabric blinds. - Avoid spraying glass or window cleaners onto your blinds. This will damage your blinds. Instead of directly spraying the cleaner onto the glass, spray on a cloth and wipe the glass. - Do not damp clean your wooden blinds as this will cause the wood to warp or remove the finish. - Spot clean only when necessary, using a soft cloth or a moistened sponge. You can use a mild detergent when spot cleaning. - Always consult the manufacturer’s care instructions on your blinds to avoid cleaning mistakes and damaging your window blinds. - Wooden blinds should be wiped with a dry cloth if they become damp. - Avoid installing your window blinds in areas with excessive moisture or humidity. - Never use ammonia-based products on fabrics. - Never use magnetic cleaners, such as dusting mitts, on fabric shades that are used to darken rooms. These kinds of cleaners will damage the backing of these shades. - Check the electronic blinds once a month to make sure that the operating mechanisms are still working. - Change the direction of the vertical slats of your blinds every week to prevent sun damage on just one side of the surface. - To open windows, do not push your hands through the window blinds. Doing this will result to deformed slats. Instead raise them up or sweep them to the side. Motorised Roller blinds will make opening windows a breeze as it will eliminate the effort of having to pull blind cords. These tips on taking care of your blinds will ensure that you will enjoy them for a longer period. Keep your blinds looking like new and you’ll feel less inclined to update your room with expensive home design options.

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