Home Improvements to Help Sell Your House

This entry was posted on 22nd November 2010

Estate agents often extol on the virtues of well-thought of home improvements to help sell homes. However, not all home improvements are the same. When done right, renovating your home may add a hefty profit to your selling price, but tip the scale on the other side and you’ll find yourself with an unsold home with a thinner wallet. To make sure that you’re on the profit-making side, here are a few words of advice from some of the country’s top experts. According to real estate experts, your home’s location can give you a clue on which home improvement projects are worth your time. If you’re blessed with a home at a prime location, consider going all out in making your home the best in the block. This means you can outfit the place with state-of-the-art technology, such as luxurious electric blinds and you’ll always find a buyer who is willing to pay for the best. If you’re home is in an average location, don’t go all out on the home improvements as these expensive renovation projects will not give you the returns you’d expect. Creating a perfect home to rival any castle will not drive up your prices if the rest of the street is made up of semi detached properties. The kind of buyers you are looking for will probably want to spend their money on a better location.  Instead, focus on keeping your home at par with the rest of the houses on the street or probably a little better with a fresh paint job or even new motorised window blinds that will exude a vibe of elegance which are more affordable than expensive kitchen renovations. Another inexpensive alternative than adding more space to your home is to declutter your space and make sure that all storage areas are clear. You will certainly help house hunters to imagine your home as theirs when you present them with a somewhat blank slate. A lot of house buyers would like to stamp their places with their own personalities and you can help them do this with a little cleaning up. Covering up worn sofas with neutral-coloured throws will disguise the shabbiness and the neutral colours will certainly impress more people because of the blank-slate feel of these colours. You can also trim shrubs outside to give your home that newly-improved feel. Last but not the least, talk to local estate agents and interview them on what sells around your area. The Guardian recently released a report that says different characteristics sell houses in different locations in the UK. For example, Londoners swoon over large spaces, while Cardiff residents are unimpressed with the extra floor space and instead look for kitchen and bathroom improvements. Interviewing local estate agents will help you understand which home improvements will sell your home faster and give you the most profits. So do your research and concentrate on home improvements that will impress buyers, not leave an indelible mark of your personality as a reminder to the next owner.

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