Hearth and Home

This entry was posted on 13th June 2011

It might be the wrong time of the year to start thinking about fireplaces but some of the cooler summer evenings I would love to just build a fire and sit in front of it until late in the evening. It’s probably more cost efficient and let’s be honest, there is nothing quite like the plush homeliness created by a roaring open fire. Whether you live in a modern or period property, an open fire, wood burner or stove can be a great focal point and will obviously serve a purpose when needed. And to establish a truly relaxing atmosphere within the room, placing Controliss Remote Control Blinds on the windows will, with one touch of a button, enable you to banish outside disturbances while holding in that comforting warmth. If you need ideas or want to install a new fireplace, surround or stove, you may have taken a trip to Harrogate on the 5th of June. From the 5th to the 7th of June, Harrogate became home to the Hearth and Home Exhibition, a huge event dedicated to fires, stoves, and the like with hundreds of exhibitors.  The Hearth and Home event has been running for over 15 years and attracts buyers and sellers from all over the world. It is a showcase for a variety of gas, electric, and solid fuel appliances and innovations in the fireplace industry. You might be looking for accessories to adorn the fireplace like coal buckets, companion sets and fire guards. For accessories such as these, you will find companies like Black Country Metal Works who were present at the exhibition. Beautiful surrounds come in all shapes and sizes in Marble, Wood, Tile and Stone. Therefore, there is sure to be a surround to suit your tastes and décor, even if you didn't find time to look for one at the exhibition. If you are looking for something superbly special in a modern handmade stove, take a look at the products from Firebelly Stoves. They are incredible and will be a real talking point in the home. So if you need inspiration and need to inject warmth into the home, maybe you want to try a different system and convert from electric to solid fuel, it is unfortunate if you have missed the Hearth and Home exhibition in Harrogate, but it is sure to return for it's 16th consecutive year. And besides, the exhibitors who regularly attend it can easily be found, just not all in one place. To keep yourself updated about the next exhibition and see a list of exhibitors visit www.hearthandhome.co.uk

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