Hassle-Free and User-Friendly Remote-Controlled Blinds

This entry was posted on 17th August 2010

Remote Controlled Blinds

Remote-controlled blinds sound fancy and luxurious compared to the typical blinds with cords. However, cordless blinds are not only designed for people who simple want to easily and comfortably adjust the blinds to control the lighting in the room. Remote-controlled blinds are particularly beneficial both to the elderly and people with disabilities. The safety features of this new technology are the main reason why more and more people who live with people with disabilities prefer remote-controlled blinds to traditional ones. Since remote-controlled blinds are operated by simply pressing a button, a person who is having mobility problems can now adjust the window blinds effortlessly. There is no need to get closer to the window to adjust the blinds. With the remote control, one can always lift or lower the blinds or open the blinds from any corner of the room anytime. If the window is too difficult to reach especially for people with disabilities, remote-controlled blinds are the solution to this problem. The window blinds don’t have to stay in a single position because it can be adjusted with ease even by people who are having difficulty in moving and reaching the windows. The amount of sun rays that come from outside can be easily controlled or totally blocked off, achieving the lighting that is desired at the very moment. Also, one should no longer worry about getting tangled with blind cords that could cause accidents or harm someone who tries to adjust the blinds. If there is someone in your home that has problems with mobility, then cordless blinds will help them control the lighting in the house on their own. Because of that, you are assured that anyone in your house is safe from an accident that traditional blinds usually create.  Our new range of Roller Blinds are completely cord free and are CE tested for electrical safety, they are possible the world's first child safe blind. Imagine the standard remote used for switching TV channels. That’s how the remote for cordless blind works, too. It is not complicated to use because it only needs standard AA batteries to operate it. You can choose from horizontal and vertical remote-controlled blinds. There also cordless blinds that one can customize to fit different sizes and shapes of windows, particularly arched windows.

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