Happy Christmas from Controliss

This entry was posted on 15th December 2010

In just a few days time, many of your most favourable and not so favourable relatives will arrive for the festive holidays. Yes that’s right, Christmas day is nearly here... here we provide for you the top decor tips that will impress all your guests without stretching that Christmas budget. Keep it simple - With all of those festive decorations around, it’s best to keep the rest of your house simple. Opt for low lighting such as candles in order to create that perfect snugly Christmas mood as well as softening the appearance of your main rooms with warm colours such as reds and browns. Window dressing - Dressing your window is the best way to make your house appear inviting from the outside. However, although this may be the case you don’t want the inside of your window to look cluttered. Opt for simple Christmas lights that can be adapted underneath your blinds so that the outside is inviting and the inside is simple and neutral. If you don’t want the sparkly Christmas lights to be viewed from the inside then opt for a dark coloured blind such as our Liso Jet Black Roller blind or add a touch of sparkle with our Reina Beluga blind. Deck the halls - It’s always inviting if you have the hallway of your house decorated. Simple yet classic decorations such as Christmas reefs, tinsel (but not too much) and even hung bubals look good here. If you have a large hall way, then you could always erect your Christmas tree here, making it visible as soon as you walk in the door, this is guaranteed to produce smiles. Happy Christmas!

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