Go Wild with Stripes

This entry was posted on 8th November 2010

Striped prints have never been out of style. Just look around you and you'll see this classic pattern in chic clothes from the catwalk to shop windows and with interior decorating sometimes taking its cue from the fashion world, it will never be a mistake to use this quintessential element in your home. The reliability of stripes in interior design is indisputable. Stripes in walls can be used to enhance the dimensions of your room. Smaller rooms can look bigger if you have a horizontal stripe that runs through your wall. Ensure that you use light and cool tones to create an expansive feeling in your space. Stripes in walls also give a contemporary vibe and give your room an instant update. However, don't go overboard with stripes as putting this pattern into everything will create a distracting busyness that could spell an "interior decorating mistake." Instead, go for feature walls in striped wallpaper or roller blinds in a nice striped pattern. The Bloque Natural blackout Roller blinds will go well in any room because of its neutral shades. On the other hand, Bloque Plum gives you flexibility. Its pink shade gives a trendy look without looking too feminine because the striped pattern offsets this otherwise feminine colour. You can also apply stripes through carpeting that can extend your floor space. Dispel the dullness of your staircase with a vertical stripe that will draw the eye upwards or downwards depending on where you are. If you don’t feel like going all-out with your walls, you can use stripes in your accent furniture pieces. Drawers decorated in stripes are fun, while a striped accent chair could be a great conversation piece. However, you don’t have to paint or reupholster your furniture to achieve this. A stripy fabric runner or a striped throw can do the trick without too much expense or effort. You can also buy a few inexpensive cushions in this reliable pattern or spread a tablecloth in vibrant stripes. Like a vivid rainbow decorating the blue sky, stripes can give a playful edge to your decorating and bring about a positive atmosphere that you truly need in the gloom of November.

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