Glamping Vs. Camping

This entry was posted on 9th July 2011

I recently spent the weekend with friends over in the West Midlands. We caught up on all sorts of news and they told me about their plans to take a camping holiday in August. They have invested in a new tent and all the accessories to go with it. It can be an expensive outlay initially, but if you manage to get away a few weekends during the year, it’s actually is a great investment. The female of the couple was questioning why her partner would want to put carpet down in the tent. Surely that contradicts with the tradition of being with nature and getting your hands dirty. For those who want the camping experience, but find the “getting your hands dirty” element very off putting, there is Glamping. I only discovered Glamping a few weeks ago, but it would be right up my street. Glamping is, in essence, Glamorous Camping, and you’ll find sites all over the world. In the UK alone, there are over 100 Glamping sites. While you still stay in a tent - either a Yurt, tipi, or bell tent, with Glamping, you enjoy the great outdoors in much more luxury than your traditional camping holiday. The accommodation offered through Glamping tends to include wooden floors, a stove with somewhere to cook, eating facilities and the most comfortable beds. These lodgings contain some real home comforts, as well as hot showers and great toilet facilities. Glamping is an incredibly eco-friendly way to go on holiday, and some of the sites are working farms and offer activities that are great for the whole family.  You will find Glamping sites all over the UK in some of the most beautiful locations and prices vary, often depending on whether you will be staying for a few nights, a week, or more. It really is the luxurious way to go camping, and you will feel that you’ve had an amazing break and got close to nature, without getting your hands dirty.

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