Give Your Kitchen a Taste of Scandinavian Style with Remote-Controlled Wood Blinds

This entry was posted on 2nd September 2010

Remote Control Wood Blinds

If you're feeling like you're in outer space whenever you're inside your kitchen, you're not alone. Most kitchen appliances have this cold, futuristic look that it's hard to create a homely atmosphere. To balance out the starkness of your modern kitchen appliances with the nature-inspired finish and discreet elegant style of Scandinavian interior design. Interior designers love the simple lines and charming details of an eighteenth century Swedish country home. It has a touch of Nordic classic style but made from down-to-earth local materials. The look is very distinct but with restrained detailing. The Scandinavian style gives you just a tinge of the traditional mixed in with minimalistic lines.

Scandinavian Colour Palettes and Finishes

If you’re won over and would like to incorporate Scandinavian home design into your kitchen, you can work on a palette that is cool, like pale blue-grey, blue-green, or grey-green. These colours can be painted on your walls and then for the ultimate Swedish look, paint your kitchen cabinets the same colour in a darker, more solid shade. If you find these colours too cold for your kitchen, stick with pale ochre or a yellow on the creamy side. However, stay clear from pastel colours because Scandinavian colours are deep and luminous.

Painted Wood Finishes

Aside from the colours, Scandinavian interior design’s distinct characteristics are matte painted finishes. Paint your walls and then use a stronger tone of the main colour on your doors wooden and wooden mouldings. The finish should be soft so choose eggshell as paint. Although Scandinavian design uses wood, it is often painted. Wood can be incorporated as panelling or as flooring. Any kind of wood can be used as long as they are on the pale side. Scandinavian design does not use wood in dark finishes.

Tiled Surfaces

Tiles will look great on the floors and also on stove tops and the splash board. Create a chequered pattern with the tiles or add decorative panels in a plain background. If your dining area is also near the kitchen, separate the two areas with different floorings. Use carpeting that use natural materials, such as coir, sisal, or seagrass in the eating area. These can create interesting floor coverings plus they can withstand food spills better than any other material.

Scandinavian Accessories

Scandinavian lighting should exude an earthy feel. Go for dull metals instead of crystal or glass. Modern lighting such as pendant lights or recessed lights goes well in this design style. Aside from the lighting, window treatments should also echo the simple natural lines of Scandinavian home design. Speaking of nature-inspired accessories, wooden blinds are perfect in a Scandinavian-style kitchen because it softens the hard mainstreamed appearance of most kitchen surfaces. Our collection of Basswood wooden blinds will definitely satisfy your need for Scandinavian-style windows, because they are real wooden blinds in a painted finish. What’s more, they are operated through infrared remote control. Now that’s what we call the fusion of the traditional and the modern that characterises Scandinavian design.

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