Get Lean While Your Office Gets Green

This entry was posted on 21st May 2011

When most people hear the phrase: 'Just another day at the office', the mind will generate images of a smartly dressed individual; sitting at a desk, typing away or filling in forms, rarely showing any signs of happiness, enjoyment or content. But with all the wondrous technology available today, surely the office need no longer be given such a humdrum stereotype. Well there are designers and engineers out there making it their goal to inspirit the area where so many, spend so much uneventful time. The workplace is, more often than not, deprived of the latest technological developments. But such an update can not only improve the occupants' quality of life but can also increase energy efficiency. In an 'Intelligent Workplace', heating bills can be reduced using solar thermal energy and recaptured heat from generators. Steps may be taken reduce electricity use as well. Sensors can be installed that  will measure daylight levels and detect occupancy to avoid the use of lighting when it is not needed. Office workers may prefer to be given the power to control the office themselves. This is easily obtainable, as their work station can be set up to provide a great amount of control over amenities such as air temperature and flow, and lighting levels and directions. For example, with Controliss electric blinds installed on the office windows, a Controliss blinds wireless remote control will give the user control over the natural lighting levels in the office and, as the remote controls operate on a radio frequency, direct line of sight is not required.

The inactive nature of working in an office often makes obesity an associated issue. However, solutions have been made available to confront this too. For instance, Utilia produce a piece of furniture, the ScooterDesk, that is designed to stimulated you to gently move and change position often, training your ligaments and muscles, and stimulating your circulation and metabolic processes. Experts have even developed and tested a treadmill desk, that will allow you to walk while you work, to burn more calories.

Increasing portability of office technology means workers are no longer confined to sit at their desks. In response to the growing popularity of this scenario, we are presented with the Globus workstation designed by Michiel van der Kley. This is a compact mobile workstation, with a rotating chair and pull out table top, that can be moved wherever it is needed, opened and then used as a normal desk. So let's all look forward to the day when 'Just another day at the office'; fills our minds with excitement, surrounds us with delightful technology and helps us maintain a healthy waistline.

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