Furnish Your bedroom with Passion

This entry was posted on 6th November 2010

Sharing a home with someone you truly love is one of the best moments in your life and what better way to show your sweetheart with a beautifully decorated bedroom that signifies your smouldering love for each other. We're not talking about something as passé as sprinkling your bed with rose petals. Read on to find out how to create a romantic bedroom that is fit for your intimate and passionate moments. An accent wall that evokes romance can be created by covering your walls with subtle shades and patterns. This can then be paired with blackout Roller blinds in a provocative shade of red. Our line of blackout Roller blinds are available in a variety colours that ensure your bedroom total privacy. If you'd like the accent walls to be covered in a rich shade, soften the dramatic colour with neutral blackout roller shades, such as our Oscuro Cream or Estrella Ice which spells the ultimate in luxury with their smooth silk finish. Neutral colours in your furniture will allow you to play with bolder colours in your bedroom. Romance in furniture can be seen in intricate details and sensual curves. To create a feeling of indulgence, you can opt for a headboard that is upholstered in gorgeous velvet. After you've chosen your bed, match it with a bedside table which could hold a photo frame of you and your loved one for a constant reminder of your joyful moments. Fill your room with reminders of your love with choice accessories that evoke wonderful memories. Display your mementoes in creative ways. We suggest looking for ways to include red, the colour of passion and desire, in your accessories. Better yet, use this colour in your window blinds, such as our roller blinds in Liso Devil Red which projects a seductive yet subtle message of love. Transform your bedroom into a warm and cosy room perfect for cuddling and intimacy or ignite passion with low key lighting. You can install dimmers in your room so that you can adjust the level of illumination. This can also be done when you choose Controliss electric blinds through a remote control. Our blackout shades completely blocks out the sunlight, giving your room the feel of a perfect evening even when during the daytime. A romantic bedroom is the best way to show your love, so rely on your instincts and create a personalised design for one of the most private rooms in your home.

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