Five Ways to Use Your Motorised Blackout Roller Blinds

This entry was posted on 17th September 2010

Motorised Roller Blinds

We have launched our blackout roller blinds that completely block the sunlight from entering your home. Our blackout roller blinds are made from top-of-the-line fabric that ensures your room will have that night-time effect all day. Blackout roller blinds also give you complete privacy from prying eyes in rooms that are located in high-traffic areas. Blackout fabric is made of an opaque fabric. Laminate exterior layers sandwich an opaque layer to create blackout fabric. Because of this, our blackout fabric can control heat and light because light does not permeate this fabric. The opaque fabric also hides stains, dirt, and repairs. The wonderful thing with our Controliss blackout roller blind collection is that it comes in different shades and colours and even in bold stripes. Blackout shades can be used in the following situations: Nurseries and children’s bedrooms – Sleep is essential to growing babies and kids. Blackout shades can keep your little ones sleeping for longer, giving them a chance to grow and replenish their youthful energy. Bedrooms – If you’re working the night shift and need your eight-hour sleep during the day, blackout shades are perfect for your bedroom. You can also install these roller blinds in any bedroom especially in areas where the days are long and where bright sunshine often streams through the windows. Not only is sunshine kept out of the bedroom, moonlight, streetlights, and vehicle’s headlights are equal culprits that can steal a full night’s sleep. Keep these out from your bedroom and you’ll be sleeping soundly. Dark rooms – If you’re an artist who loves to develop film into black and white photographs, blackout shades allow you to create an instant dark room out of your studio. Home theatres – The ultimate home theatre can be made with blackout shades on your windows to keep the light out. Recreate that theatre feeling with our collection of blackout blinds. Yachts, lake houses, and beach houses – A waterside room can have amazing views of the water, but the light reflected in the water can be rather uncomfortable. This is where our window blinds come in, removing the glare made by the water. You can keep the light and heat out with roller blinds made from blackout fabric. What other inventive ways can you think of with these blackout shades?

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