Energy Efficient Glass

This entry was posted on 17th May 2011

Over the weekend whilst watching the television, I noticed a lot of commercials advertising and promoting Energy Efficient Glass. Although not a new creation, energy efficient glazing and windows has now been given a platform and increasing numbers of people are considering using this when replacing existing windows or at a new build stage. In the past few decades the implementation of double glazed windows has helped tremendously with reducing the cost of heating and energy bills, and there are a number of  options for different types of specific coatings on the glass like Pilkington's Activ Self-Cleaning glass and low emissivity energy efficient glass such as the energikare by Pilkington or Planitherm. Here’s how energy efficient glass works… Believe it or not up to 26% of your houses energy is actually lost through the glass! That’s a quarter of your houses energy! Although double glazing does improve reducing the loss of energy there is more you can do with the type of glazing you choose. As the natural rays of the sun stream into the rooms of your home, they create warmth. Normally the warmth could escape through the pores in the glass, but Energy Efficient glass has a special coating on the inside of the pane which reflects the warm energy back into the room.  This not only includes the natural energy from the sun but also heating from radiators and fires already in the home. This then enables you to turn the heating down in your home.  There are plenty of companies currently providing energy efficient glass like Pilkington and PlaniTherm. If you're one of the lucky people who have sun streaming through and it all gets too much then you could consider putting up a beautiful Controliss remote control blind. Then you can control how much sun comes into the room and how warm and bright you want it. They will work hand in hand with energy efficient glass and look amazing too. Not only can you transform your windows and decrease the use of the heating in your home, but you’re helping the environment with less energy escaping from the home and therefore a decrease in your carbon footprint.

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