Energy Efficiency Explained

This entry was posted on 5th August 2010

Energy Efficiency Explained

We've been talking about how motorised blinds increase energy efficiency in your home. Do you ever wonder how they do this? Here's the science behind energy efficiency in plain and simple terms.

Insulating Your Home

Basically, cold attracts heat. During winter, the heat generated from your indoor heaters moves over to your windows and off to the outdoors. In the same way, the outside heat produced by the summer sun flows to your windows and into your air-conditioned rooms. Window blinds can help reduce your energy consumption by resisting the heat flows through your window. This means that you can save on your heating and cooling expenses. Window blinds can also create a more comfortable atmosphere in your rooms by reducing the sun’s glare.

Controlling Solar Heat

During winter, you can welcome the sunshine into your home and bask in its warmth. When summertime comes, solar heat can make your room hot and uncomfortable. Because of this, your air-conditioning costs shoot up. Window blinds can deflect solar heat, protecting your rooms from the sun. If you want to enjoy the sunshine, all you have to do is to draw up your blinds. With Controliss motorised blinds, this is just a matter of pushing a button.


Instead of relying on electricity for your lighting needs, you can depend on natural light. This makes your home energy-efficient. Illumination from daylight can be achieved with easy-to-operate motorised blinds. With a remote control, you can manipulate the kind of light you want for your room. You can create diffuse light from roman blinds made of sheer fabrics. Sheer roman blinds draw soft light into your room. You can also direct incoming light by tilting the slats of your blinds. With blinds, you can increase your reliance on natural light, eliminating the need for artificial sources during the daytime. Insulation, solar heat control, and day-lighting are the three ways that motorised blinds can make your home more energy-efficient. Decorate your home and save on energy costs with these blinds. You’ll never regret it.

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