Electric Blinds

This entry was posted on 14th October 2010

Controliss are the UK’s first dedicated online company to exclusively provide affordable electric blinds. By eliminating the need for expert installation or hard wiring by electrical engineers, Controliss brings this innovative technology within anyone’s reach. Gone are the days when you needed to pay tons of cash to have a professional electrical technician connect the wirings of electric blinds into the 240V main electricity lines of your home. Because they need to be maintained continuously, the hiring of these professionals certainly makes electric blinds an expensive window treatment option. The Controliss blinds unique design allows home owners to quickly and easily install them straight out from the box and into their home windows. These DIY electric blinds come in a variety of fashionable colours to suit any room’s design style. Three unique designs are available for all your window decoration needs: venetian blinds, wooden blinds, and vertical blinds. The Controliss electric blinds range is powered by everyday household  AA or AAA batteries. These blinds run on a low voltage. In fact, they operate in 6V or 12V which can be supplied by normal AA or AAA batteries. These batteries are safe enough to be used in children’s toys. Aside from the low voltage, these electric blinds can be operated with a single remote control. Erase the confusion with a single Controliss hand-held device which can control up to 99 different blinds! The Controliss electric blinds are not only convenient; they are also the safer choice. Because they are cordless, you don’t need to worry about putting your children or pets in harm’s way. These are a blessing for those with mobility problems, such as the elderly or the disabled. So why wait? Choose the perfect blinds for each room in your house and order online. Our electric blinds are available from the incredibly low price of £54. Experience the luxurious lifestyle without breaking the bank with Controliss electric blinds.