Edwardian Style Interior Design

This entry was posted on 6th December 2010

If you’re one of those people who are caught between austerity of the minimalist design style and the stuffiness of Victorian interiors, you may find Edwardian-style interior decorating a worthy compromise between the two styles. This interior decorating style emerged in the beginning of the twentieth century, spanning nine years of King Edward VII's reign.  Although it was short, the Edwardian period's influence in home decorating spans centuries and is still being felt even today. At the start of the 1900s, newly developed technologies in building, heating, plumbing, and electricity were incorporated into home design. While Victorian homes were characterized by hallways leading to respective rooms of differing functions, the Edwardian home had more of an open plan. This came about because efficient furnaces did not require rooms to be closed off to maintain heat efficiency. Pastel Colour Scheme Aside from the home layouts, Edwardian decorating style introduced our love affair with the colour white. Because the correlation between microbes and diseases were introduced in this era, a germ-phobic population preferred white on their walls because dirt can be better seen in these colours. If you want to have a taste of this early twentieth century style, go for a light pastel colour scheme inspired by flowers, such as primrose yellows and leafy greens. Simple Window Blinds Echoing the simple colour scheme is the simplicity of window decorations.  The Edwardian style home removed suffocating and ostentatious Victorian curtains and encouraged ventilation in rooms through simple window decorations. For a more modern take on lace curtains, the Controliss Voile Roller blinds will be perfectly in line with this scheme, giving you the transparency of lace curtains without the maintenance it entails. Fuss-Free Floors Edwardian homes did away with wall-to-wall carpeting that was extremely difficult to clean at that time. Hardwood floors replaced the carpets that covered Victorian floors. Instead, rugs were distributed on the hardwood floors to keep the atmosphere cosy. These rugs can be beaten up and cleaned outside. Steer clear from yellowy pine floorboards as this look will not be in line with the theme. You may stain floorboards with an oak-coloured varnish if you wish. Wicker and Bamboo Furniture After the basics have been covered, you may introduce wicker furniture that is reminiscent of this era. Flea market finds can be revived with a fresh spray of paint. You may include a wing chair to recreate the laid back comfort of this time period. Baroque, rococo, and empire style furniture will be at home in these surroundings. Homely Accessories To finish the look, go for homely accessories such as cushions with embroidered florals and pictures that are framed and hung midway on the walls. Dot the area with silver-framed photographs and other nostalgic items from this era, such as antique gramophones or silver tiered cake stands which can be purchased from specialty shops. Celebrate the homely simplicity of Edwardian-style decorating with the following tips and you’ll recreate a home that evokes lovely feelings and thoughts about the “hearth and home,” a true marriage of the informal and the feminine that is truly refreshing.

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