Drab To Fab With Confident Colour

This entry was posted on 11th November 2010

Decorating in colour blocks is one of the trendy ways you can keep your space contemporary without having to spend too much. Blocks of colour in interior design can introduce a confident vibe in to your home and these blocks can be manipulated to suit whatever mood you want to create in each room. Here are a few easy ways you can decorate with colour blocks: Mix Neutrals with Bright Colours Earthy tones will look great as a backdrop for bright shades. Keep your walls, ceilings, and floors neutral and then experiment with bright splashes of orange, red, lime green, or turquoise in your furniture, window blinds, and other accessories. Our Liso Zest roller blind will look great next to neutral shades, bringing life to an otherwise monotonous room. Use Block Colours in an Accent Wall Instead of choosing one rich colour in an accent wall, try a series of colour blocks in complementary or contrasting shades which will really make a statement. Another way to do this is use several toning wallpapers on one wall. Use a Colour Block to Emphasise a Feature You can draw attention to a feature by placing it against a coloured wall. For example, you can paint the wall behind your bed a different shade from the other walls to accentuate a magnificent headboard.  This same technique can be replicated in your living room or dining room if you want to highlight a striking wall decor or painting. Use Toning Shades, Pastels If you want liveable colours that will last you for a long time, combine toning shades instead of contrasting ones. For example, muted tones of teal and sage are a calming combination for the walls. Introduce stencils in the opposite shade to add more interest. Toning shades are also available in our blackout roller blinds such as the Bloque Plum or Bloque Natural. A muted shade of lavender with neutral white is also very soothing in a bedroom. Use Colour on the Floor Instead of painting the walls, why don’t you apply colour on the floors? The floor is the most unexpected place for colour which will add an element of surprise, especially in hallways which do not usually receive much lighting. Use bright shades in carpeting or as staircase runners to draw the eye in and create an illusion of more light and space. There are so many ways you can use colour blocks to give a more confident vibe into your room. Try all these bright new ideas to create vivid blocks of colour that will transform your room from drab to fab.

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