Don't Lose Sleep, Try Electric Blackout Blinds

This entry was posted on 7th October 2010

According to the first Great British Sleep Survey, a third of British adults are suffering from insomnia. Sleep is essential to healthy living as much as a balanced diet and exercise. Chronic sleeping problems can contribute to health problems, such as weight gain, low immunity levels, and high blood pressure. According to sleep experts, good sleeping habits have several benefits, such as improved learning and memory, better metabolism, and healthier appetites. People who sleep well are also less prone to cardiovascular diseases and cancer. While most would turn to medication to promote good sleep, you can choose to create a restful bedroom environment as a solution to insomnia. Creating a spa-like ambience in your room can give you a feeling of peace that is necessary for sleep. Neutral-coloured bedding and furnishings can contribute to a peaceful night’s sleep. Choose soft colours for the walls and place a bowl of lavender potpourri on the night stand. You can also install electric blinds to make your bedroom more tranquil. Controliss has a nice collection of blackout roller blinds that are available in a selection of harmonious trend setting colours and designs. The blackout fabric will block sunlight or streetlights from your bedroom giving you an atmosphere similar to night-time conditions and encouraging longer sleeping times. Controliss is proud to provide you with a collection of motorised blackout roller blinds that ensure quiet operation to prevent you from losing precious sleep. With Controliss, your sleep will be blissful.

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