Design Tricks for Small Windows

This entry was posted on 12th August 2010

Small Window Blinds

Small windows in a room can be an interior decorating challenge. With a few of these design tricks up your sleeve, you will be able to turn these disappointing spaces into something impressive. Creative window treatments can either highlight the size of a window or disguise its size. Here are a few ways for you to do whatever takes your fancy: - Open them up. You don't need to hide windows with loads of fabric. Stick to the clean lines of window blinds and keep the window clear to let light in. - Keep it simple. Keep the window frames simple and paint them in a pale colour. This will make the window  less obtrusive. - Use long curtain panels. Curtain panels that are wider than your windows will create an illusion of larger windows. Use a thin curtain rod that is placed above the window so that the valance covers the window frame. Let the fabric pool in the floor to create the illusion of length. - Choose light fabrics. Heavy fabric on small windows can be overpowering. Use lighter fabrics that are the same colour as the walls to create an illusion of continuity. Avoid fabrics with large patterns. If you must choose stripes, go for vertical stripes to make the window appear longer. - Opt for blinds or roman shades. Small windows will benefit from the simple lines of blinds. Blinds or roman shades that are wider or longer will also disguise the size of the window. Make sure to install them a little higher than the window frame. - Hang café curtains. Translucent cotton cafe curtains cover half of a regular-sized window. To use cafe curtains in small windows, hang them a little lower and let the café curtains extend past the length of the window. - Draw attention to natural light. Use mood lighting coming from the wall on either side of the window frame or hang pendant lights from the ceiling. You can also line the ledge with tea lights placed in votive candles. If Christmas is near, use party lights to frame the window. - Hang a floating shelf above the window. Adding architectural details can make a small window seem larger than it is. Install a narrow shelf that floats above the window ledge. You can use this as a starting point to accessorise your windows and emphasise the natural light coming in.

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